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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Rabbi Ziering was raised in New Rochelle, New York and made Aliyah in 1998 . He currently lives in Ra'anna, Israel with his family. His goals were to live in Israel, fulfill the Mitzvot of Israel and teach Jewish wisdom.

In 2008, Rabbi Ziering founded and managed a non-profit called Aish Ha'Torah Tel Aviv & Ha'Sharon- a Jewish outreach program based in Tel Aviv and the Sharon area of Israel where he teaches the relevance of Judaism to young Israelis.

In 2019, Rabbi Ziering founded Adama 613 to enable himself and others to own private agricultural land and fulfill all the Mitzvot depended on the land of Israel.

"A sixth of our Torah has to do with the land of Israel and I needed an opportunity  to make it real for myself and others." -Rabbi Ziering


As a craftsman designs clothing for a body in the shape of its physical structure, so did Hashem make our body as clothing for our souls in the shape of our soul’s spiritual structure -with 248 limbs and 365 channels. The spiritual food for this structure comes through fulfilling the Torah of 613 commandments. Every limb is fed through a particular commandment which relates to it. If a person is missing a Mitzva, the spiritual limb which relates to it will also be lacking.

Rav Chaim Vital, Sharei Kedusha




Visit your field and sow your wheat and barley. Your wheat and barley are sowed in the month of December. The wheat and barley are sowed adjacent to each other in a triangular shape called a Rosh Tur. We sow it 6 meters away from the grape Kerem in order to fulfill the Mitzvot of abstaining from the following 3 negative commandments:

1. Planting Kilaim with seeds

2. Planting Kilaim in a Kerem

3. Ensuring one doesn’t eat from Kilaim.  

There can be 2  reaping times- the first reaping for barley and wheat for animals before Passover and the second for wheat on Shavuot. We welcome you to join, reap and fulfill the 3 Mitzvot: Leket, Shichacha and Peah.

Each one of these 3 Mitzvot contains 2 separate Mitzvot within it, according to the Rambams’ Sefer Hamitzvot.

After the produce is picked,  you can do the Mitzvot of Trumah Gdola, Maaser Rishon, Trumot Maaser, Maaser Sheni or Maaser Ani.

(5781/2021 will be Maaser Ani.).

There is also a Mitzva not to switch the order of Trumot and Maasrot. 

The Mitzva of Chala D’oraisa in Israel can be fulfilled after turning the wheat into flour. You can be present for the process.


Additional Fruits

Dates - July 

Figs - end of June and beginning of July

Oranges - November until March 

Pomegranates - before Rosh Hashanah 

Olives - October  

Mango - July until October 

Lulav, Etrog, Aravot - before Succot

During the Shmita Year, the Rambam lists 7 Mitzvot to fulfill with grapes, trees, land and Sfichim. We will be careful to keep all these Mitzvot  while maintaining the field and opening it to the public.


Fruit Trees

Fruit trees have all the Mitzvot of separating Trumot and Maasrot such as grains. They also have the Mitzva to leave Peah and possibly Shichacha.


Unique to the grapes will be the Mitzvot of leaving Peret and Oleilot.  If you desire to produce wine or grape juice, this process will happen during the months of August –October. If you want grapes  for food, this process will happen during the months of April-November.

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