Day Trips

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Come for an on site tour and workshop activities in the field where you will have a chance to learn, love and taste the Mitzvot of Eretz Israel. Our team of professional and passionate guides provide valuable knowledge of  the commandments connected to the land through active demonstrations and fun-filled group activities for the whole family.

Learn the meaning of the 7 species. Depending on the season you can make flour and hot Pitot from the wheat stalks and press olive oil for the dip while fulfilling the Mitzvot of the land. 

  • Lunch included

  • Special deals for groups, Shuls, and Schools

  • 180 shekel a person and 150 for kids under 10 

  • Celebrate a unique and memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Simcha of any kids with us

  • Please contact us to hear more about the options