Purchasing a land package?

Please be sure to select a maintenance plan here: 

When you purchase land through Adama613

• You will receive ownership of a 50 square meter (538 square feet) plot of private agricultural land in Israel.

• Your land will be fully prepared for planting of grains and fruit trees to fulfill the mitzvot and set up with an automated irrigation and fertilization as well as a perimeter security fence and personalized


• Your family can visit your land at any time,  use are welcoming center  for your smachot ,and schedule to meet our farmers who can help you

perform the mitzvot.


You will be fulfilling these 24 mitzvot:

  • To own land in Israel



  • Leave peah

  • Not finish peah

  • To leave leket

  • Not to pick up leket

  • To leave shichcha

  • Not to go back and take shicha

  • Not to plant kilaim with seeds



  • To separate maaser ani

  • To separate truma gedola

  • To separate truma maaser

  • Not to switch order of trumot and maasrot

  • To separate maaser rishon

  • To separate maaser sheni

  • Not to eat tevel

  • To treat neta revai like maaser sheni

  • Not to eat orlah



  • To let the land rest in shmita

  • Not to work your land in shmita

  • Not to work your trees in shmita

  • To rest your trees on shmita

  • Not to cut sfichim as done in other years

  • Not to cut grapes as done in other years

  • To leave hefker what comes out from the ground

Monthly Maintenance Fees and Services

Basic Plan

Fee: $120 

  1. Care: irrigation, fertilization, pesticides
  2. Annual planting and harvesting. Harvesting in a Mitzva oriented manor with hand and sickle
  3. We will take care of your land and be your shaliach to separate Maasrot and deliver all the gifts to the poor when you can’t be there
  4. Meeting our team at the field  to learn how to fulfill the  mitzvot yourself
  5. Using the facility at the field for events


Full Coverage and Benefits Plan

Fee: $200

All basic plan coverage listed above + you can receive in Israel a yearly production of your own, wheat, olive oil and wine (when relevant a delivery of olive oil once a year for Chanukah, Wine for Kiddush).

Tzadik (Land Package)